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What are Advanced Driver Assistance Systems?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems often shortened to ADAS, is the use of components fitted to a vehicle to aid or help the driver’s driving experience.

These components can be as simple as parking sensors, to more advanced systems like autonomous emergency braking and lane departure.

The use of ever more sophisticated Driver Assistance, is developing to the point where one sensor can now control several different systems and modules on the vehicle.

In nearly all cases they are Safety Critical.


When to Calibrate

If a windscreen has been replaced

If geometrical axis has changed, for example if the vehicle has had wheel alignment performed or adjusted

If a mechanical repair has been performed that affects geometry, for example, new springs, steering rack or associated components following a crash repair, which could misalign vital components


Wheel Alignments Effects

Correct vehicle geometry is a prerequisite Electronic calibration is set to the rear axle which incorporates the vehicles thrust angel

Always follow manufacturers recommendations regarding vehicle geometry


Why it’s important to Calibrate

Incorrect calibration values can cause incorrect operation Most ADAS systems are safety critical so accuracy is paramount to assist in correct function It’s impossible to check if a sensor is calibrated.

It should always be calibrated if in doubt Drivers become reliant on ADAS systems and may assume they are functioning correctly after work has been carried out

The repairer can be held liable if any ADAS system isn’t calibrated and work is carried out that requires an ADAS calibration


Long Range Radar

If a radar sensor is 2° incorrectly adjusted at the end of 250m (its normal operating range) the reference point is over 8.5m incorrect

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